Swedish Massage

Is a relaxing massage with light to firm pressure, according to preference. Blood and lymph is manually pushed through the tissue to aid in the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. This is ideal for relieving stress, reducing tension and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

30 Minutes $40.00

60 Minutes $70.00

90 Minutes $110.00

Deep Tissue

Deep, direct pressure and slow strokes melt away aches and pains in a restorative treatment that eases muscle tension and revitalizes the body.

75 Minutes $90.00

90 Minutes $110.00

Hot Stone

The restorative powers of nature are harnessed in our hot stone massage. Basalt stones are

heated and gently massaged over the body, warming the muscles to promote deep relaxation.

75 Minutes $90.00

90 Minutes $110.00


Enjoy a soothing massage to encourage skin elasticity, reduce fatigue and relax areas prone to stress caused as a cause of pregnancy.

60 Minutes $70.00

90 Minutes $110.00

**please see spa policies for prenatal considerations and limitations**

Reflexology, etc


Using specific thumb and finger pressure techniques on reflex points on the feet, causes physiological changes to take place in the body and releases or opens the flow of energy which enables the body’s healing potential to be optimized.

30 Minutes $40.00

60 Minutes $70.00

Soothe the Soul and Sole

A soothing hand and foot treatment in which Keratin is utilized to restore the skin’s elasticity and assist in repairing damage caused by environmental dry conditions and everyday use. Enjoy hot stone massage on feet and legs that will leave you feeling refreshed and like you are walking on air.

30 Minutes $40.00

60 Minutes $60.00

Couples Massage

Pamper yourself and the one you love with one of these exceptional services

Deluxe Couples Massage

This 75-minute service for two includes a relaxing 60 minute Swedish or Prenatal** (for Mommy to be) massage, a soothing Keratin foot treatment and refreshing back exfoliation, using our own special blend of essential oils.

75 Minutes $200.00

Ultra Couples Massage

A 90-minute service consisting of two 75 minute Deep Tissue, Swedish or Prenatal** (for Mommy to be)Massages, essential oils that will enhance your experience and a soothing Keratin hand and foot treatment.

90 Minutes $250.00

Plus Ultra Couples Massage

Pamper yourself with this over the top service that consists of your choice of a 90 minute Swedish, Deep Tissue or Prenatal** (for the mommy to be) Massage, essential oils, a soothing Keratin hand and foot treatment, and a refreshing back exfoliation.

105 Minutes $270.00

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